We understand that you need choices

Turning your concept into a final product


The tube body can be made of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and as a bi-layer structure. The wide range of pigments provides a rich color pallette to fulfill any design idea.

Tube body Tube Shoulder Cap

Mono or coextrusion.
Color: transparent, white or coloured.


Color: transparent, white or coloured.


Color: transparent, white or coloured.


Up to six color printing plus the additional application of a mat or gloss finish and hot foil stamping offer an unlimited number of options to imlement any design idea.

Tube body Varnish Hot foil stamping

Letterset printing with up to 6 colours plus varnish. Additional to the colour of the material. 

The clear varnish finish in mat or gloss protects the print and improves the protection properties of the tube body.

Gold, silver 
und coloured foil decoration adds a unique vision to the finished product.


Bellow you will find some of the caps that we offer. The tube orifice can also be protected with a top seal.

Flip-top cap Flowerpot cap Stand-up cap

flip-top cap

Flowerpot cap

standup cap